60k Minute Watchtime Pack FB

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Created for the hardwood but taken to the streets, the '80s b-ball icon returns with crisp leather and retro colours.


  • Monitization Will Unlock
  • No Problem will come
  • Easy to buy
  • Early income possible
  • The rubber outsole with classic hoops pivot circle adds durability, tractions and heritage style.

Product Details :

  • High collar
  • Foam insole
  • Perforations on the toe
  • Colour Shown: Black/Black/Moon Fossil
  • Style: DD1869-002
  • Country/Region of Origin: Indonesia

The classic hoops design channels '80s vintage back onto the streets while the padded, high-top collar adds an old-school look rooted in comfort.

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60k Minute Watchtime Pack FB

60k Minute Watchtime Pack FB